Muffin® Airless Tire Upgrade for 20" Citizen Bikes

Muffin® Airless Tire Upgrade for 20" Citizen Bikes
Compare to: $199.00. No sales tax except in FL.

What if you never had to worry about a flat again? Meet Muffin tires. And meet a new level of riding freedom.


Imagine never facing a flat tire again. With a long life of thousands of miles, you can put your bike pump away. Muffin® tires will keep you riding and rolling on your bike adventures flat-free forever.


Muffin® tires can withstand just about anything that would normally derail your ride. Glass. Nails. No problem. Ride on.


Filled with a natural, stable gas, integrated with macromolecular materials, Muffin® Tires will never need air and will never go flat.


Muffin® technology allows us to create a tire and wheel combination that weighs almost half the weight of traditional solid tires, and is comparable to many traditional tires.